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Forever alone guy kept chatting with a female profile even after learning it is a guy

10, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: 25 yrs old self-declared forever alone guy, Mohit Kumar, has been exchanging messages with a female profile on Facebook even after learning that a guy is running that account. This exchange has been going on for a month now and Mohit has no intention to stop.

Man chatting
Mohit hiding his face to hide his embarrassment

Mohit has 568 FB friends and about 50% of them appear to be females at first glance. He has tried to initiate conversations with most of them in the past but none of them responded. However, his latest friend, “Sunheri Ladki” started replying enthusiastically to all his messages and they started chatting for hours every night.

Mohit first thought something is wrong when he noticed that the profile pic of Sunheri Ladki is very similar to Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom 2. Then Sunheri made the mistake of using “Raha hoon” instead of the female “Rahi Hoon” a number of times. After that, Mohit made a fake female profile of his own and messaged Sunheri who revealed there that it is actually a guy and he wanted to meet Mohit’s female profile.

However, Mohit has decided to ignore this minor hiccup and continue to exchange messages with Sunheri as it is the only female profile sending messages to him.

“See, I have no intention of meeting anyone from internet in real life so it doesn’t really matter. On Facebook it says Sunheri is a female and that is all that matters. No other female profile has responded to my friendship requests so this is all that I have got. I can’t throw it away. All the messages exchanged with Sunheri give me the feeling that I am not alone and I have someone to talk to when I come home every evening”, Mohit said.

We tried to get in touch with Sunheri to check whether it is run by a male or female but Sunheri responded to our friendship request with “I have a boyfriend”.