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Will take action against those forwarding jokes about Demonetization on WhatsApp and Facebook: Finance Minister

30, Nov 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today announced that anyone found forwarding jokes on Demonetization that attempts to mock Govt’s effort to tackle the menace of black money will face strict action.

The FM’s statement came after it was reported that around 80% of WhatsApp forwards were jokes on demonetization and similar numbers for Facebook too, which the Govt thinks trivializes the entire exercise.

While addressing the media the Finance Minister said, “Since the time PM made the announcement, we have observed an increase in number of WhatsApp forwards on demonetization. Most of them are silly jokes. These jokes are now a bigger problem than black money itself.”

While commenting on the role of media he said, “Media needs to act responsibly. It has come to our notice that some satire sites like FakingNews are mocking demonetization and almost 90% of their articles published in the last week are around the note ban. We respect their freedom of expression, but they are clearly crossing the line.”

Many believe that the Govt’s move of curbing joke forwards would boomerang and in a way give a chance to critics to corner the Govt once again.

Rahul Gandhi expressed his resentment and said, “WhatsApp par log mujhe pappu kehkar mera mazak udate hai. Lekin mai kuch nahi bolta. Tab sarkaar ko takleef nahi hoti. Modiji ko iska bhi jawab dena hoga Parliament mein.”

Mamata Bannerjee, who earlier attacked the PM and threatened to throw him out of politics, too the opportunity and lashed out at the Govt.

Jonta ko kitna tokleef ho raha hai. Yeh dikhta nahi hai sorkaar ko. WhatsApp jokes se problem ho raha hai? Hum isko oppose korega, chhodega nahi, pokodke rokhega,” she said while addressing a rally in Kolkata.

Not just the TMC, other opposition parties too have criticized Govt’s highhandedness and have declared that they will not let the Parliament function for the rest of the winter session.

“These boring Parliament session were made bearable by the joke forwards that we used to get on WhatsApp. Now Govt wants to ban that too. What is the point in attending winter session then?,” questioned an opposition MP who didn’t wish to be named.