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Free Wi-Fi effect: Train driver halts the train at railway station, says will not start till his movie gets downloaded

08, Nov 2016 By dasu

Patna: Patna Kota Express train driver created commotion at Patna railway station after he was found  busy in downloading movies from internet over free WiFi.

patna train

Apparently, he made it clear to everyone till his downloads are over, he will not start the train. 

On this incident, we spoke to Patna Station Master Mr. Avinash Jha. He said, “After waving the green flag for ten minutes, my hands were aching, but I saw absolutely no movement of the train. That’s when I came with some other railway officials to check whether everything is good with the driver.”

“The great driver was busy downloading movies from the internet. As I glanced at his phone, I found it is going to take at least 45 minutes more. That’s difficult to manage, because this train has blocked one platform. Many other trains and it’s drivers are eagerly waiting to enter railway station as they also want to access free Wi-Fi,” said Mr. Jha.

Mr. Jha added, “Luckily my colleague Bose Babu who was with me, he understood driver’s requirement within minutes after talking to him separately. He convinced him, to see what you want to see, you do not have to download the full movies, I will give you some internet site URLs from where you can get your favorite clips. Bose Babu also transferred full clips which he had already downloaded to the driver as bonus to make him super happy.”

“Though luckily public at large did not complain much as they were busy with free Wi-Fi and did not realize already so much delay has already happened. However, I felt bad. Indian railway is known for its punctuality. Being a station master of a state capital which has sent so many railway ministers to Parliament, I did not want spoil the name,” said Mr. Jha

“Bose Babu told the reason for delay is due to low download speed as many people are sharing it. On his recommendation, I have written to RailTel officials to give a separate download line for drivers only with password protected,” said Mr. Jha on what he is trying to do to address the problem.

Last we heard Railway officials are informing the websites to move the clips to cloud, so that during rains only it will be available.