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Friends cancel Goa plan before making one to save time

10, Dec 2017 By itsmihir1993

A group of friends in Mumbai displayed tremendous maturity by cancelling the New Year plan to go to Goa even before making it. Reportedly, the friends cancelled the plan before making it in order to save time. They did not just call off the plan this year but also refrained from making a WhatsApp group titled “Goa Is On”.


Speaking exclusively to us, one of the group members said, “I had been making a WhatsApp group for our Goa plan before every New Year since the last four years. However, after intensely discussing the plan for weeks, we had to call if off every time. Learning from the past experiences, I did not make a WhatsApp group this year and my friends respected my decision by not pitching the idea of visiting Goa this New Year.”

The four members of the group have lately become infamous among acquaintances for making vague plans every year. “Before every New Year, we tell everyone that we will be partying in Goa on the big evening. Due to one reason or the other, we end up cancelling it. It becomes difficult to face people when they ask us why we do not upload our pictures from Goa on Facebook,” said another member from the group. He further revealed how each member from the group would avoid this question by telling that they do not have the pictures as another friend with a DSLR camera has them, contrary to the reality that nobody among the four owns a DSRL camera.

A heartbreak in relationships is the second most tragic thing to happen to any person. The first, as listed by UNESCO, is reading the WhatsApp texts of a Goa chat group after exiting the group and imagining the fun one could have had if Goa was on.