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On Friendship Day, KFC assures its customers that their 'Friendship bucket' has only chicken which were friends

07, Aug 2016 By manithan

Louisville: On Friendship Day, the popular food chain KFC has assured its customers that only the chickens which were friends made it to their ‘Friendship bucket’.

Friends forever

In a press release, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) management said, “Towards our commitment to the well-being of our customers and to foster the celebrations around ‘Friendship Day’, we have decided to reveal a very exciting piece of information. We had been continuously delivering high-quality foods to our customers all these years and all around the world. In a step to make you feel closer to our products, we have made sure that you get only chicken which were friends in your ‘Friendship bucket’. While having your next ‘Friendship bucket’, you must be having a double celebration, because it will be two friends eating two friends.”

After the exciting news started spreading in media and social media, our American correspondent got in touch with KFC executives. A top executive, on condition of anonymity, revealed the reason behind this sudden announcement, “KFC had been a very successful food chain in the world. Apart from serving you hot, spicy, juicy chickens, we also do have some social responsibility. Last week, in one of our outlets in Florida, a ten-year-old kid asked some question to our employee behind the counter, that startled even our CEO. Amanda from Florida asked ‘Excuse me, my dad bought this Friendship bucket for me and my friend Kane there. But I want to ask, whether these chickens were too friends like me and Kane?’. When our employee said in negative, the poor child cried and refused to eat that bucket.”

“When this news reached our ears, it sent us into deep introspection. We thought that maybe we weren’t caring much about our chicken. That is why, we decided to segregate chickens while they were being nurtured in poultry farms. We had given strict instructions to poultry farm owners to let chickens choose to stay with their friends and tag them as groups. For a two piece Friendship bucket, we will keep two chickens in a cage and make them friends. For four piece, four chickens in a cage. For eight, eight in a cage. We will feed them in cage and also let them play puzzles, like ‘Why did chicken cross the road?’. We will make sure that they become good friends and will make them confess that they want to be put together in the same bucket after they are killed. We have tagged all these friendly chickens and there will be zero chance of two stranger chickens landing up in the same Friendship bucket”, concluded the top executive.