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Anti Valentines Day fringe group breaks into house suspecting love-making between unmarried couple, find pigeon moaning on window sill

13, Feb 2018 By @jurnoleast

On the eve of Valentines Day various fringe groups across the country that claim to protect the moral and cultural fabric of the country have become active once again. However one group from Uttar Pradesh was left red faced after a house it broke into suspecting something fishy between a couple turned out to be a pigeon moaning on the window sill.

Eyewitness say that around 10 men we seen breaking the door of a house located in Gomti Nagar area of Lucknow. The men claimed to part of Bharni Sena, which is affiliated to a local political party and is against the celebration of Valentines Day in the country.

Speaking to Faking News one eyewitness said, “This group was shouting and chanting to express their protest against V-day. They said that ‘moaning’ sound were coming from the house and they suspected that an unmarried couple was probably involved in a love making session. In no time the door was broken. But to their dismay there was no one in the house. It was pigeon perched on the window sill that was making those moaning noises.”

The group was left embarrassed after the incident and made a hasty exit from the place before the cops arrived. As no eyewitness was ready to give a statement fearing retaliation from the group, cops have filed an FIR against ‘unknown persons’.

They have also taken the pigeon into custody for detailed questioning to get leads about the suspects. Congress party criticized Yogi govt for failing to crack down on moral police.

After hearing this news Congress MP Renuka Chaudhary broke out into a non-stop diabolical laughter and had to be later taken to AIIMS