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Frustated unplaced Management students protest against management by returning Ties, call it Tiewapasi

03, Dec 2015 By rajeshchintamaneni

Bangalore: After successful tolerant protest of AwardWapasi, frustrated management students who are still unplaced started to protest Tiewapasi by returning tie’s which was given by college to them.

Tiewapasi by students in full swing
Tiewapasi by students in full swing

Our Faking News reporter went to see the situation near college and interrogated few students.

When he tried to interact with the student one of them said, “I have been attending the placements since two months between this period India almost completed 4 test 5 ODI’s and 2 T-20’s but still I’m unplaced. Even I’m so ashamed to wear suit in my room as every time I’m wearing my maid is thinks that at least today I will crack some interview.”

When Faking News interrogated how the process is going on one guy replied, “First college will lie that the maximum package our student received is 30 lakhs then the company H.R will lie we are here to hire 50 students then college people say you are first company and you will get best students then H.R will say we are giving CTC of 15 Lakhs basically it is like lie within lie and goes on like “Lieception”.

When Faking News contacted another guy who came all over from south India to study here he said, “In every Group discussions I used to pretend like I had so much knowledge on so many things but at the end I am becoming Rahul Gandhi every time. And what bugging me up is their compensation structure which is more complicated than Christopher Nolan movie.”

When Faking News reporter turned to a student who was seen crying and agreed to share his grief. He is the founder of the club ANVESH he created this club to boast before recruiters that he is like A.B.De Villiers of the college with multi talent indeed all the members in the club he created were placed except him and now he is feeling like Ashok Dinda of college.

Out of this chaos also we found a girl who said she learnt a lot from this process. When we enquired she said, “I learnt how to manage the whole audi just by showing some videos, cracking world worst jokes and important thing is if I ever become H.R manager this talent of showing 4L package as 10L package will be most useful.”