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Frustrated Indian parents support Imran Khan's demand; ask for Doraemon ban in India too

04, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A day after Imran Khan’s party PTI proposed a ban on Doaremon in Pakistan; several Indian parents have also come out in support of this ban and asked for a similar ban in India too. Doaremon is a very popular Japanese Anime series that runs for the entire day on some kids channels.

Doraemon, the Opium of the kids

“There is no harm in copying good ideas from our neighbors and this is an excellent idea floated by Imran Khan in Pakistan. That Doaremon runs for the entire day and our kid is addicted to it. We have tried every possible thing to make him stop watching it but he doesn’t stop. This ban is the only solution to get our remote back from our child”, said Sharmila, mother of a 5 yrs old.

Echoing her thoughts, Rajat, father of a 4 yrs old said,”Initially we started showing Doraemon to our daughter so that she eats her meal while being distracted by the cartoon, big mistake. Now she has to see Doraemon every minute she is awake. Those commercial breaks during the show are such a big pain, she starts crying asking us to bring Nobita back. This is not a TV show; this is a drug for kids. We need a ban to free our kids from this addiction.”

“Imran’s solution is a very practical one. In case there is some issue with a complete ban, at least reduce the amount of time it runs on TV. There are at least 2 channels showing Doraemon throughout the day. Bhai show something, anything else. You are maing so much money from this show, use that to buy rights to something else”, Rajat added.

Meanwhile, a study conducted recently revealed that the leading cause of buying a second TV for home was that kids were not letting parents watch anything on TV as they stay hooked to Doraemon.