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Frustrated with his job, engineer decides to return to engineering college

14, Dec 2013 By idiot420

Bangalore. Bhavuk Mishra, an IT professional with 2 years of job experience has decided to go back to engineering college once again.

“I know it will be very painful to pretend to read those books again, but I am ready to do anything to get back those days, because that would be easier than pretending to work,” said Bhavuk.

Bhavuk claims that he sees no difference in his life as a professional and as a student.

Engineering college
Bhavuk says his engineering college had better building than his current company has

“Unmanaged room, waking up late, reaching office late, no girlfriend, empty bank account by mid of month, finishing work at the last moment, nothing has changed. I am still the same boy, and would rather go back to college,” explained Bhavuk.

Sources say that of late, Bhavuk had become too nostalgic about his engineering days.

“He has been suffering from regular attacks of hyper nostalgia,” said Vikas, his roommate, who was also his roommate during the engineering college, “On many occasions I have noticed him shouting ‘Present sir’ and ‘Yes sir’ even while sleeping.”

“He often uses college life lingo like ‘Let’s bunk’, ‘Proxy laga dena’ at company where we work together. It all shows how much he is misses college; he belongs to that place only and he should totally go back,” Vikas added.

“No matter who he meets, he finally ends up discussing about college life. Once, in a client meeting, he spent an hour talking with the client about college life in US and explaining him about college life in India,” he further revealed, “That’s when his boss scolded and asked him to go back to college.”

“He took it seriously, but good for him,” Vikas said.

Bhavuk has clarified that he was dead serious and had started preparing for entrance exams. He has even decided to spend a few months in Kota to prepare for the 2014 exams.

Meanwhile, Bhavuk’s family members are in state of deep shock. “I was planning for his marriage, but now it appears, it’s not possible for next 4 years,” rued his upset father.

However, Bhavuk has assured him that, unlike last time, this time he will find a girl.

Reportedly, his college time crush Avantika has become assistant professor at a reputed engineering college of Delhi. Bhavuk is targeting admission in the same college, so that he will get another 4 years to resume his one sided love saga.