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Fuchcha feeling awesome after dancing like a snake in public

23, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. 16-year-old Amit Kumar reported a feeling of accomplishment and achievement after he danced like a snake during Fresher’s Day on the Hindu College campus here this Wednesday. Amit, who is now a first year student of B. Sc. (Honours) in Zoology, has been smiling at all his seniors and batch-mates since then, lest his identity as the awesome snake-dancer fades away from the public memory.

“All of them were clapping and laughing; I was the center of attraction.” Amit recalls, who wore orange cargo shorts and green t-shirt for the first day of the college.

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For his performance, Amit was referred to as Naagraaj by a good looking girl from the senior batch in the crowd, a seemingly original expression for a person mimicking snake, which attracted spontaneous and copious admiration from the crowd of students present.

Amit added the same girl on facebook yesterday, after which he was added by at least four other boys from the senior batch as soon as his friendship request was approved by the girl.

“The seniors are very supportive and help us with each of our moves. There has been no instance of ragging on the campus.” he said, echoing the sentiments of many other first year students, popularly called as fuchchas in Delhi University and many other campuses.

Other fuchchas and fuchchis too reported feeling of contentment after having won a platform to showcase their talent for proposing a girl, dancing on one leg, and cracking jokes – incidentally also the themes for most of the popular television reality shows these days.

“Campus life is all about exploring your personality and making new friends. It’s your big leap into the real world from classrooms.” said Rashmi, one of the final year students, concisely summing up the need for higher education and congratulating the first year students for their first major step towards social evolution.