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Future Brazil matches will have a separate area in the stadium for Neymar to roll and cry: FIFA

06, Jul 2018 By @jurnoleast

Concerned with the regular match disruptions involving Brazil thanks to Neymar’s antics, FIFA has decided to have a separate area in the football stadium for him to roll on the ground.

The decision was taken by the managing committee of World Cup 2018 after 5 hour long intense discussion, ahead of the Brazil-Belgium match.

“We tried dicsussing the issue with Neymar hoping that he’d stop all that drama. We previously thought of airlifting him outside the stadium  but that seems to be risky. So we will be constructing a separate ‘roll and cry’ area for Neymar for all future matches,” said a FIFA official.

Sources say that a circular track will also be constructed in case the footballer would like to just keep rolling. An estimate says that this move could save around 10 minutes of extra time.

The Brazilian footballer himself was very happy with the decision and thanked FIFA for providing him a stage to show his skills.