After Gambhir's comment on Dhoni's world cup winning shot, worried BJP gives Gambhir full credit for 2019 election victory

03, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

It was the anniversary of India’s famous World Cup victory at Wankhede and Gautam Gambhir’s tweet about it has created a social media storm.


While many reminisced about Dhoni’s last ball six, Gambhir pointed out that it was unfair to deny credit of the win to the entire team by focusing on that ‘six’.

Not taking any chances, worried BJP today put out a statement crediting Gambhir for the 2019 Assembly election victory.

While speaking to Faking News a BJP spokesperson said, “Gambhir won from his constituency and that enormously affected the final results. I would say 50% of the credit should go to Gambhir and 50% to Rahul Gandhi for BJP’s win last year.”

“I would even say that there was a Gambhir wave during the elections which helped the party sweep the elections results,” the spokesperson added.

As the party celebrates the anniversary of its poll victory next month, top leaders of BJP have asked functionaries to put up posters of Gambhir instead of Amit Shah and Modi.

“We do not want another tweet from Gautam pointing fingers at us for not mentioning his name. So we are in fact attributing all elections victories to him,” remarked a senior party leader.

Upset that the issue was blown out of proportion, now refused to speak to the media on tweet anything this issue. “I just said that the entire team deserves the credit, not just one person. Look what has become of that one innocuous tweet,” he said.