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Ganga declared a living entity, receives IT notice to pay taxes for previous 5 Million years

21, Mar 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Nainital: The holy river Ganga has been given the status of the “first living entity of India” by the Uttarakhand high court. After this order, the holy river has been granted all the rights that are provided to a living being. After hearing this, Income Tax department has argued that along with the rights, Ganga should also get its share of responsibilities and paying tax should be one of them.

Clean Ganga, after collecting taxes from Ganga!

After a lot of consultations and deliberations, IT department has issued a notice to the river to pay taxes for the previous 5 Million years. Ganga has to submit details of all its earnings during that time and pay the taxes accordingly. IT department has given time till 30th September 2017 to file all these details and submit the due amount.

Confirming this news, a senior IT officer told Faking News ,”Yes we have sent the notice. In fact, we were confused where to send the notice so we have sent several copies of it, to every city from where Ganga passes. We don’t want to hear the excuse that the notice wasn’t received or something like that. Now that we have to treat Ganga like a living being then it is normal to expect it to pay taxes. The government is planning to use the collected tax to fund ‘clean Ganga’ campaign. This will save the citizens of the country from ‘Ganga cleaning cess’ as well.”

“If Ganga fails to submit the details and pay the due tax, we will take action against the legal parents of the river, appointed by the courts. If courts have given them this responsibility then they must live up to it and make sure that all the pending taxes are paid”, the IT officer said.

Meanwhile, government is wondering whether a case can be registered against river Ganga for hoarding old demonetized currency notes after several bags of old 500 and 1000 rupee notes were found floating in the river.