We gave too many sops during Delhi elections, now we have to make up for it : Kejriwal justifies 70% tax on alcohol

06, May 2020 By yogy

For tipplers in Delhi, the last 24 hours were marked with bittersweet feelings. Though wine shops were open across the state, the increased tax did come across as a dampener for some.

Many questioned the logic behind the increased taxes, Delhi CM today justified the increase while speaking to the press.

Kejriwal said that his Govt had spent considerable resources during Delhi elections by giving sops to the citizens.

The current tax increase was a way to recover all that was spent to woo the public.

Dilli ki junta ko khush karne ke liye paani ki tarah paisa bahaya. Toh ab humein kahin na kahin se nikalna padega. Free electricity, free bus ride to women and so on, comes at a price. And if people don’t mind paying extra, then why should there be a problem,” he questioned.

Kejriwal also hinted at more taxes in the offing. His Govt plans to open beauty parlors in a few days and there would be increased taxes on that as well.

Sources say that beauty parlor services could see almost 100% jump rates after they open.

“Once these parlors open, you can see women queuing outside them just like men are doing outside wine shops right now. And many women wouldn’t mind shelling out extra bucks. Either way, the it is good for the economy,” remarked a well known market expert.

It has been almost 45 days since parlors are shut and  women across the state are desperately looking forward to their re-opening.

But were not too sure if they’d want to spend extra on parlor services.

“I really need to visit the parlor but won’t let them take advantage of my situation. I can live with a mustache for a few more months. Even my husband doesn’t have any problem,” said a woman from South Delhi.