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Gay couple kissing in Mumbai local train found to be straight men who were lip-locked due to heavy rush

28, Sep 2017 By @jurnoleast

Rush hour chaos got even more chaotic in Mumbai local train after passengers beat up gay couple who were found kissing and later identified as straight men who were lip-locked due to excessively crowded local train.


The incident occurred in a Virar bound fast local which had just left Bandra and was on it’s way to Andheri. As passengers piled up on each other Rakesh Sawant (name changed to protect identity), a bank employee, found himself dangerously close to Jignesh Shah(another name change on request), a stock broker. Both of them facing each other, while one just got in, the other wanted to get down.

Before they could take a stock of things, voice from behind screamed ‘arre maaro dhakka’ and the next moment they realized that they were lip-locked.

But their ordeal did not stop there. Fellow passengers took them to be gay couple trying to get intimate and start beating them. “I heard a sound behind me that went like ‘mmmm’, similar to the kind made when you are smooching. When I turned back I saw the most horrific sight I have ever seen in all my travelling years in the train. These two gays were making the most of their time in the crowd. Like most, I too started beating them up. It was only at Andheri when the cops arrived did we realize our mistake,” said an eyewitness.

Though Rakesh and Jignesh are recovering well from the incident, family members say that it will take some time and few sessions with a psychiatrist before they are normal again.

Railways have taken cognizance of the incident and said that they are doing everything possible to reduce the rush. “Many people complained to us that ‘pair rakhne ki bhi jagah nahi hai’, so last year we offered ballet dancing lessons to passengers so that they could stand on their toe in while they traveled. This year too we will implement a similar out-of-the-box idea to help them,” said a highly placed Railway official.