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Geelani trains Kashmiri youth in stone-pelting game for Rio Olympics

23, Apr 2016 By 0mar Abdullah

Kashmir: Syed Ali Shah Geelani, the self-made spokesperson of Kashmiri Muslim Youth, is going to train them in a Stone-Pelting game.

Kashmiri youth preparing for Rio Olympics
A section of the youth preparing for Rio Olympics

“Youths of Kashmir Valley have immense talent and I want to channelize this energy in positive direction. Time and again they have proved their skills in throwing the stones with very good range,” Geelani explained the profound talent of valley’s youth.

Geelani had created an invitation on his Facebook page to invite all the youths of the Kashmir Valley and from across the border also. The Invitation page titled as ‘Join The Free Training To Become A World Class Stone-Pelter! Insha Allah’.

“Yes, this is the way I can channelize the energy of Kashmiri Muslim Youth. I think they don’t need much practice. They have been practicing the art of Stone-pelting on each Friday after the Namaz,” Geelani explained his strategy to Fakingnews.

“There is no game called Stone-pelting in Olympics. So, how you can register it?” asked this Fakingnews reporter.

“You don’t know anything about Kashmir politics. We have lot of support from across the country. Recently support to NIT students especially from across the border is totally overwhelming. If we don’t get chance to participate in Olympics, we will show our stone-pelting talent in JNU campus. It is like our second home,” Geelani replied.

“Stone is emotionally attached with the sentiments of the youth of Kashmir valley. In fact, not just Kashmir, but also emotionally attached to Poonch, Rajouri and recently Handwara,” he added.

According to sources, Pakistan TV has already expressed its desire to become the official broadcaster of the stone pelting game, while Geelani has asked the Modi Government to support his cause under Skill India program if he is indeed a secular and inclusive.