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By getting 44k marriage proposals Tejaswi Yadav proved what matters in the end is family name and family income

26, Oct 2016 By dasu

Patna: As per the recent media reports, Bihar deputy chief minister received 44,000 wedding proposals on a mobile number he had shared with residents to send photographs of bad roads. This news has proved once again, if boy has a good family name and good income, then tons and tons of wedding proposals will come.


One of the senior official who is close to Junior Yadav spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. He said, “When people get surprised on the news that deputy CM got so many marriage proposals, I ask them this fundamental question. What do girl’s family looks for when they search for perspective grooms. Naturally they will look for a boy who will give her security, financial as well as all other types of security. In that context tell me what Mr. Tejaswi Yadav lacks? In a nutshell, Ladka acha Khandan ka hai toh marriage proposals will come.”

“All those who say, he is 9th fail, I just ask, how does it matter. To run a department like PWD, road construction, you should know how to count what you get. Are these people saying, he or his team comprising of civil servants are not good enough to do that?” said the official with an angry face.

“If Mr. Tejaswi would have wanted to study higher, for that matter to be among toppers, are they saying his family could not have managed that? Here is a youngster who always wanted to be different, always wanted to do hard work. Just to give you one example, he could have gone into any top IPL team to carry drinks. He chose a weak team like Delhi Daredevils which lost many wickets in middle, giving him opportunity to run inside the ground that many times,” he added.

Last we heard deputy CM is struggling with the statistics that so many girls have shared. As per our sources, he is not hesitant to take help from professionals who can help him in shortlisting, so that he can take them to his parents for arranged marriage.

Lalooji and Rabri Devi have put only one condition, “Ladki Jaissi ho Chalega, but she should be secular”.