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After getting separated from uncle, boy re-unites with family after following the gutkha stains his uncle had left on the road

08, Jun 2018 By dasu

Kanpur: Nine-year-old Manish came to visit Kanpur town along with his uncle from a nearby village. Due to heavy rush at the railway station, Manish got separated from his uncle at the railway station. But thanks to the unique pattern of Gutkha stains his uncle leave on the road, by following that Manish reached his village.

“Seeing the boy crying, I took him to the station master to help him”, said Ram Gopal Yadav, a vegetable vendor sitting outside the station.

Instead of helping, the station master scolded them. “Kahan se aaya hai re tu. Pura Rajdhani ka bogie gayab hai, railways have no clue about it. You are asking me to find this boy’s uncle. Koi kaam dhanda nahin hai kya mera”, said the angry station master to Ram Gopal.

“Manish told me his village is some ten kilometers from here. Normally both he and his uncle walk to Kanpur town. Being summer vacation, his uncle wanted to give him a train ride, that’s why they came by train today”, said Ram Gopal.

Manish told Ram Gopal. “After not finding me, uncle would have walked towards village thinking I might be walking towards village, somewhere on the way he would spot me. So please help me to reach my village, everything would be fine”.

Ram Gopal who is from Bihar had come to Kanpur just few days back. He did not know about that place that well.

Lekin yeh Bachha smart hai. He told me, he knows the gutkha stains his uncle leave on the road. We can follow that and reach his village. At the end we did precisely that”, Ram Gopal said to Manish’s uncle and parents after uniting Manish with them.