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Girl addicted to Instagram spotted speaking hash-tags in routine conversations

29, Aug 2017 By itsmihir1993

Parents of Sneha (24), a South Bombay girl, took her to a psychiatrist on Sunday after they found her speaking strange prefixes during their conversations. A thorough medical examination of Sneha revealed that she was addicted to Instagram and had started speaking hash-tags every time she conversed with someone in person.


Sneha’s friends confirmed with us that she was heavily addicted to using Instagram. She would also apply multiple filters on her pictures before uploading them on Instagram. A friend of Sneha, who follows her on Instagram, said, “I am following 1424 handles on Instagram, but I miss out on all their posts because Sneha uploads a new selfie every five seconds and it occupies my news feed.”

Another friend who follows Sneha on Instagram revealed that she had a habit of using not less than 100 hash-tags for each of her selfies. A few of which she could recall before running out of breath were #InstaLike #like4like, #follow4follow, #f4f, #throwback, #MajorThrowback, #UltraMajorThrowback, #Missing, #MajorMissing, #SunKissed, #HatersKeepHating, #Pout, #Blogger, #Model, #ModelLife, #GiveNoDamn, #LilPwincess, #HellPwincess and #NeedNoBoyfriend.

Worried parents of Sneha confiscated her mobile phone but to no avail. “I snatched her mobile phone while she was trying to click a selfie but she said ‘#give4give’ on my face,” said the devastated mother. Sneha’s father also wrote to PM Modi to ban Instagram in India. “I have heard that his government is good at banning things. I hope he beings me Achhe Din,” said her hopeful father.

Sneha, after having her phone confiscated, was not in a state of speaking to us about the incident. After many efforts to make her speak, she mumbled, “#PhoneGone #Setb@ck #M@j0rSetback #sAd #PwincessHatezZDaddy #Mom4Lyf #LeaVeMehAl0nE,” after which we had to transfer the case to our team of investigative reporters to decode her hash-tags.