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Girl asks boyfriend to buy her a Xiaomi mobile from Flipkart to prove his love

27, Aug 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. In an out of the box test of love and bonding, a local girl Priya Tyagi has asked her boyfriend to buy her a Xiaomi mobile from e-commerce website Flipkart.

Xiaomi mobiles, which are available only on Flipkart are infamous for getting sold out in just few seconds. While this has resulted into rumors of the website indulging in some scam or gimmick for publicity, the incident has prompted Priya to use it as a test to check strength of her boyfriend’s love for her.

“How about a real star instead of Xiaomi mobile?”

“He often claims to bring the stars and the moon for me. But, I am being very reasonable and asking only for a mobile,” argued Priya, “It’s time for him to walk the talk.”

However, sources close to Priya say that there could be another possible reason behind Priya’s over the top demand.

“A weeks back, one of her friends, Pooja, was gifted a Xiaomi mobile by her boyfriend. And Pooja kept telling Priya that considering the effort her boyfriend put to buy it, it made the mobile even more precious than the iPhone which Priya was carrying,” revealed a source, “This made Priya feel very insulted. Suddenly she started hating her much better Apple product, that too for a Chinese Apple product.”

On the other hand, no matter how seemingly impossible Priya’s demand is, her boyfriend Prem is ready to fulfill it.

“I am taking up the challenge to not win only Priya’s heart, but to win her father’s heart too,” said Prem, adding that Priya’s father was looking for a suitable boy for her who must have cleared some tough competitive exam.

“Around 2,00,000 customers had registered for the sale with only 20,000 pieces on offer. Getting this mobile is tougher than clearing IIT-JEE. While asking for Priya’s hand from her father, this feat of buying a Xiaomi will certainly compensate for my local engineering college degree,” an optimistic Prem claimed.