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Girl attempts suicide after failing to get into ‘100 profile picture likes’ club

05, Apr 2013 By devobhava

Mumbai. After Facebook divorces, Facebook suicides are becoming the next trend. Sundari Cuttei, an 18 years old girl attempted suicide after failing to get at least 100 likes on at least one of her profile pictures – a feat that would have given her an entry into the ‘100 likes’ club.

She tried to kill herself by deactivating her Facebook account, which almost made her breathless. Her friends could find it in time and took her to a doctor where she’s being treated for depression. She’s currently out of danger but distraught.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, she said, “My friends always get over 100 likes on their profile pictures. And I… (bursts into tears pointing at her latest profile picture) I had tagged over 100 people but still got only 74 likes. Some have even blocked me for tagging incessantly.”

Nargis Fakhri
Many make photos of celebrities as their profile pictures to attract more likes

“I had even spent Rs. 2,000 for trimming the hair by a few millimeters to get that look, but of no use,” she added as she started sobbing again.

“She was very desperate to join the 100 likes club, which is far more popular than Facebook confessions,” Laali Lal, a friend of Sundari revealed.

Sundari’s friend claim that she had tried all kinds of make-up and poses, and released dozens of profile pictures, but none of them could help her join the 100 likes club.

“She once posed with a pout thinking she’d look like Angelina Jolie or at least Nargis Fakhri, but my comment on the picture got more likes than the picture. I had commented – quack quack. She has not been talking with me since then,” another friend Vikram Sutta recalled.

Faking News did some research to find about the new ‘100 likes’ club. Leading psychiatrist Chakaram Gol says, “This is mostly a female dominated industry, but males are catching up fast with photos posted from gym and trendy gadgets. Getting into this club has become a status symbol like the ‘100 crore’ club of Bollywood.”

Meanwhile Sajid Khan has declared that his movie ‘Himmatwala’ was a hit as one of its posters uploaded on Facebook received over 100 likes – a claim not verified by Faking News.