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Girl breaks up with her boyfriend for not posting a pic with 2000 rupee note on Facebook

13, Nov 2016 By RT

Bangalore. A girl in early twenties broke up with her boyfriend for not having posted a pic with 2000 rupee note on Facebook. The incident happened on Saturday in downtown Bangalore. The girl apparently was changing the status when Faking News reporter contacted her for an exclusive interview.

Begging her
Begging her

FN: Why did you break up with your boyfriend?

Girl: Listen. I stay in touch with current affairs. After a little struggle I got hold of a 2000 rupee, took a picture of it with me and posted on Facebook. All my friends did. Their boyfriends also did and look at mine. This guy does not even know the color of the new currency!

FN: Is that really a crime? Does it call for a break-up?

Girl: Of course it is. In India, the class of the people is decided by how soon they get hold of the latest fashionable thing and post a pic with it in Facebook. Be it a new iPhone or a new currency note. There are certain things that I simply cannot compromise upon.

FN: May be your boyfriend does not require a rs.2000 note!

Girl: It does not matter. I bought every iPhone to date even though I use an android phone for daily use. When it comes to a high value currency note, especially a new one, the sooner you get hold of one, decides how powerful you are in India. After politicians pose with the new currency bundles, it will be an almost a prestige fight for the next set or class of people to get hold of a few.

Having understood the genuine reason, the reporter had one last question, while holding a rs. 2000 in his hand with a camera phone nearby: ‘Have you selected a new boyfriend yet?’