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Girl who climbed Mt. Everest in her first attempt gives credit to her regular habit of climbing up bunker beds in PG

08, Aug 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Sneha, a software engineer working for a US based MNC in Bengaluru became the first techie to climb mount Everest peak in her first attempt. For her unique achievement, she thanked her PG owner profusely who has put up multi-level bunker beds in her PG.

We spoke to Sneha after her historic achievement. Here is what she has to say. “I stay in BTM layout, a place high in demand which you can see by the number of PG accommodation advertisements put up. When I came here as a fresher, what I got was a bed which owner told me to put it on the floor only and use. After increasing the rent three times and security deposit by two times, owner gave me a cot. From that day onwards no looking back, I have only gone up the ladder which is attached to my bed.”

Sneha added. “Over the years more and more techies came here because of the demand of this area and the strategic location of my PG. Accordingly the owner started adding ‘levels’ to the beds. Now our all the beds in my PG have four levels minimum.”

“Being a software engineer in Bengaluru, your full day is taken care by your boss at office and office bus in traffic. No time to do work out. So, to increase my fitness level and stamina I opted for top level in the bunker bed. That’s the secret of my success to climb Everest on first attempt,” said Sneha.

Sneha pointed out couple of risks with the multi-level beds. “There must be a safety net below in case someone falls during sleep. Another one is to supply adequate oxygen for breathing inside. Being an experienced engineer, I can afford oxygen cylinders on my own, but freshers with gross salary of 3 lakhs per annum cannot afford it.”

After coming to know about Sneha’s success, the PG owner is advertising top level beds under ‘mountaineering training’. Rent and security deposit to occupy them will be five times more.