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Girl dumps boyfriend on Valentine’s Day for his poor selfie-taking skills

15, Feb 2016 By Rajesh Choudhary

Bengaluru: 26 yrs old Bengaluru girl Rupa, decided to dump her boyfriend of 6 months Munna when he failed to click any FB upload worth couple selfie during their date on Valentine’s Day. The couple went on a romantic date at a posh Bengaluru restaurant where Rupa managed to click 15 food pics for Instagram but sadly none for her Facebook wall.

No selfie, No Date
No selfie, No Date

When contacted for her reasons, Rupa told us, “Well selfie taking is an important life skill today. Some have even become PM while clicking selfies. Munna did manage to click 20-25 selfies of us together but not a single one was worth an FB upload. In some, my face looked bloated, in some my hair was not right, once my eyes were closed, it was a disaster.”

“I spent the whole day at the beautician to get myself ready for a romantic selfie. Went through painful processes like threading and waxing, plucked my eyebrows, got my hair straightened, conditioned, deep conditioned, lowlighted, then highlighted.  I applied 16 coats of mascara, oil-free moisturizer, eye cream, wrinkle cream and for what? Not a single selfie to put up on FB. All my friends must be thinking I went to the restaurant all alone on valentine’s Day and ate all that food myself”, Rupa said describing the disaster that befell her on Valentine’s Day.

On being asked why she did not take the selfie herself, Rupa said, “Taking a good selfie is not an easy task. While I can manage my own selfies, for a couple selfie you need to have long arms to get a wide angle. I thought my 6 feet tall boyfriend must be having arms long enough to get a good shot but I was so wrong. Maybe I need to date a taller man, size does matter.”

When our reporter asked Munna whether he has any regrets after this breakup, he sighed and replied, “Yes. Should have let her pay the bill before showing her the selfies.”