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Girl who watches MasterChef for 12 hours each day doesn’t even know how to make tea, reveals her mother

08, Dec 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Who thought that the guy whom George Bush once called an “Idiot Arab businessman” could trigger the biggest attack in America on 9/11.

Hence they say what meets the eye may not always be true. The same happened with Anuja Malhotra who found out that her daughter, Malishka, hardcore fan of Master Chef India can’t even make a cup of tea.

Mrs Anuja Malhotra or Anuja aunty like as she likes herself to be called is a homemaker for last 30 years. Her daughter Malishka is 24 and is an ardent fan of Masterchef India. She is such a big fan that she never misses its episode in fact watches every episode over and over again.

But what if we tell you that despite watching episodes again and again she doesn’t even know how to make tea? Shocking, isn’t it? That’s exactly what Malishka’s mother Anuja told us, she said “Malishka watches this show 24/7 but doesn’t know a thing about make food. Once I asked her to make a tea for me and my friend Pammi and got shocked when she replied with ‘Mummy garam masala kitna dalna hai’ that day I realised that Malishka watch these cookery shows but hasn’t learn anything from it.”

Even Malishka’s dad was very upset about this. He said, “Let alone tea, once I asked her to make cheeseballs for me, she made it so hard that when I threw them on the floor my marble floor broke. Since then I haven’t ask her to make anything for me.”

Malishka on the other hand was quite cool about it. She in her defence said “Yes I watch cookery shows 24/7 even though I don’t know a things about cooking. But that doesn’t mean that my parents should think that if someone is watching Masterchef than he/she will become Masterchef. Rahul Gandhi has been watching politicians closely since years but has he became one? No, right.”

Similar incident happened in Mumbai also when a teenager who watches Crime Patrol all day caught red handed looting an ATM.

These incidents raise several questions. Is watching TV really a constructive thing? What’s the point of watching something if that thing adds no value to your life or doesn’t transform your life in anyway?