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Girls' toilet in Mechanical Engg dept converted to store room because of zero usage

26, Jun 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Delhi: According to exclusive information accessed by Faking News, the Girls toilet in a local engineering college’s mechanical department has been converted to a store room after no one used the toilet since its construction 10 yrs back. The Mechanical department has failed to get any girl to step into the department, let alone take admission there so the toilet was lying totally vacant since.

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering- All boys club

We spoke to the Head of Department, Dr. Behl, for more information, he said, “Well as you know, optimal utilization of resources is a very important thing for us and if we don’t follow the practice ourselves then we set bad example for the students. Now this girls’ toilet was lying totally unused ever since we constructed it a decade back. No female students, no female teachers so all this space was just going to waste. Therefore, we decided to convert it to a store room and keep the practical files and final projects of our students there.”

“I spoke to our cleaning staff to check whether any girl was ever spotted near that place and they laughed at me. The only time they found anything resembling a girl was when they saw two students who hadn’t cut their hair for 2 years. That is when I decided to convert the girls’ toilet into a store room. We finally managed to break into the toilet after having to deal with a hopelessly jammed door and found the room fully riddled with cobwebs and mountain full of dust, on first appearances it looked like a set of Conjuring 3 or a room of a final year student.”

As per sources, college management is also considering converting the placement cell office into a store now since that place is hardly used as well.