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Girls with Indian-style braided hair unable to make it large in life: Research

20, Sep 2015 By manithan

Mumbai. In a startling research result that will surely strike terror at the heart of girls who plait their hair, it has been revealed that girls who sport braided hair, be it long or short, can never come up in life.

International Institute of Jobless Research (IICR) based on Zurich, Switzerland, had conducted this research. Speaking to Faking News, IICR director Markus, said, “We at IICR had been doing research on things that mostly go unnoticed in our daily tensed life. We delight ourselves by picking out an area that is less studied and finding out patterns in it. That is how we ended up in this research study you guys are interested in.”

When asked about the idea behind this research, he said, “For a long time, I was intrigued that why do successful women always show up in photos with hair let down untied. Take any photo of any successful woman and you can see that their hair is in untied mode, either curly or hair down or hair creeping on either side of shoulders. You can never find a successful woman with braids or plaits. So, to gain a deeper perspective, we chose 50 women from different parts of world and conducted a research with their hair style’s effect on their lives.”

Can she make it big in life?
Can she make it big in life?

“We split them into 3 teams – one with Indian braid style, one with ponytail and one with hair down. We observed their various phases of their life in the past one year. They were told to maintain the hairstyle for a year, whatever be their lifestyle. At the end of one year, we could see that women who had their hair down, that is, loose hair, were able to lead a successful life. Women with Indian style plaits faced a lot of repercussions in life and  considered their life as mediocre. Ponytail women mostly faced break-ups, divorce and are mostly single moms. When we reversed the set for a month, we found that the women who had braided hair previously and who had let their hair down this time, had achieved enormously in this duration,” explained Markus.

“And that is how, we ended up summarising our research results, that girls with Indian-style braided hair are unable to make it large in life. Only girls with straightened or let down hairs are emerging as successful women. Only, they can succeed in life. That is why, Indian girls are slowly letting go of braided hairstyle and is adopting free hair which is also straightened,” concluded Markus.