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Gmail accounts of women accessed by anti-reservation lobby

11, Mar 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A senior Google official told Faking News on Thursday that groups considered opposed to Women’s Reservation Bill had accessed Gmail accounts of thousands of women in the past few weeks. These groups read emails and chat-scripts of these women and analyzed their contact lists, and even tried to send fake e-mails from their accounts. But Google has assured that the attacked accounts were now safe, and people need not worry.

“Yes, it’s true that a few groups, mostly made of middle-aged men, were behind these attacks. But our security systems could identify by this breach in time. The compromised accounts are safe now. We can’t name the suspects as a few of them are powerful politicians.” said the Google official on conditions of anonymity.

Indian Women
Indian women are believed to be envious of and fighting with women from their own families than those of other communities

It’s believed that the attackers wanted to find out if there was any conspiracy by women to subjugate men and take over the world and if women from the same castes and communities flocked together. Many of the attackers also wished to find out if women belonging to different communities had different views on the Women’s Reservation Bill.

“Well, I don’t think they could have got anything. We ran our contextual text-reading algorithm on these accounts for advertisements optimized for keywords such as reservation and parliament, and we found nothing relevant. Yeah, a lot of stuff showed up for bill, but all of them had associated keywords like coffee, clothes, or jewelry.” informed the Google official, quickly adding that running Google’s text-reading algorithm shouldn’t be confused with unauthorized access of these accounts.

But the most serious breach of privacy by the men’s groups could have been in sending fake e-mails from these compromised accounts. “They sent abusive mails from one account to the accounts of women belonging to different communities.” revealed the official.

“Death to your clan!” read a mail sent from Aasha to Salma, to which Salma apparently replied, “Bitch, how many times I have to tell you I’m not a lesbo?”

“I think women completely missed the point there. Most of them fought on boyfriends, television serials, shoes, photographs, etc. after receiving abusive messages.” said the Google official, who parried the questions on how he could come to know about these exchanges of communications.

Google has warned that if such breach of security into their systems continued, they might be forced to wind up business in India.