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Godman gains millions of followers after he claims to change old Rs 500 notes to the new ones

11, Nov 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Delhi: A stunning surge in blind devotion for a local godman Mr Nautanki Baba was seen today. He has reportedly earned millions of followers in the last 2 days after the claims of him changing old Rs 500 notes to the new ones went viral.

500 note
Get them changed at Nautanki baba

The Modi government, in a bid to curb black money and counterfeiting, declared all the existing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes invalid leaving all those with millions in unaccounted cash gasping for air.

We spoke to a very close aide of Nautanki Baba and he said, “Well until two days ago, Nautanki Baba was your small time godman who used to predict if you would get a government job or when would you be called up from TCS bench. But two days ago, suddenly a rumour spread that Baba has successfully changed an old Rs 500 note to a new one. Soon our ashram witnessed 100 times the traffic it witnesses during IIT-JEE results. There were politicians, businessmen, media persons (who came not to report but to exchange notes) at our doorsteps. Baba has now asked them to deposit all their notes in our dried up pond, which by the way is now overflowing with cash.”

We also connected with a black money enthusiast whose 99% of the cash is unaccounted for, he said, “Well Modi ji’s announcement really gave me a heart attack. Keeping with my dishonest traditions I have never paid tax. As soon as I heard about Baba’s miracle I rushed to collect all the cash from my mattress, sofa cushions, inside my CPU cabinet and other places. Now thanks to him I will have a fresh shot at hoarding all the new cash and maintain my family’s sacred tradition of never paying taxes.”

As to how the Baba would carry out such a feat remains unknown but he and his devotees remain confident nonetheless of a positive outcome.