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Golgappa and Panipuri are different: Kanhaiyya Kumar

30, Mar 2016 By manithan

New Delhi: JNUSU President, all weather expert and interview giving machine Kanhaiyya Kumar has today categorically stated that Golgappa and Panipuri are different and can’t be compared.

Golgappe  or Panipuri?
Golgappe or Panipuri?

Speaking to Faking News during his 49th interview of the day, the revolutionary student said, “People consider that both Golgappa and Panipuri are one and the same. However, I would like to clarify here that they are very different. Panipuri is an individual-sponsored eatable while Golgappa is mob frenzy. Golgappa came earlier in 1951, but Panipuri came much later in 1955. Golgappa was just a reaction of frenzied people to the desire to have spicy balls with water whereas Panipuri is a well organized event wherein puri is broken in a crafted manner and water which is in liquid ‘state’ is poured into it. See the interference of state in Panipuri which was not present in Golgappa?”

“Golgappe originated in Delhi while Panipuri originated in western India, I believe Gujarat but some people say Maharashtra. I have seen more and more people calling Golgappe Panipuri these days due to the fear of our fascist PM from western India. We must look to oppose this encroaching fascism and stand our ground”, Mr. Kanhaiyya said.

Meanwhile, this statement has triggered outrage among the Panipuri waalahs but Kanhaiyya has got extensive support from Golgappe waale bhaiyyas. While Panipuri fans had threatened to gherao Kanhaiyya, Golgappa consumers have changed their Facebook profile picture to that of Kanhaiyya’s image.

Many prominent journalists have lauded Kanhaiyya’s statement and posted a pic of them eating Golgappa on Twitter to support his statement. Even JNU students came out o to the streets chanting slogans of “Hum kya maangein….. Golgappe, Kha ke rahenge…… Golgappe, Pet bhar ke………. Golgappe, sookha bhi khayenge….. Golgappe.”

JNU Professors are also impressed with Mr. Kanhaiyya’s statement and have advised him to finish his PhD on Golgappe only.