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Golgappa stall owner dresses up as woman to avoid being called bhaiya by girls

21, Jun 2016 By manishpaul

Delhi: Fed up of being called bhaiya 2.3 crore times a day by women, a golgappa stall owner near India gate in Delhi has decided to dress up as a woman while working.

Gutku’s abandoned stall as he went for a dress change

The stall owner, Gutku, was uncomfortable with this bhaiya tag for a while but things got out of hand yesterday. Gutku served an extremely beautiful lady with the biggest round golgappa available with him, only to hear “bhaiya sirf meetha paani”. Gutku threw the round golgappa on the ground and started crying, stomped his feet on the ground and screamed, “bhaiya hoga tera bhai!”

On seeing this behaviour, other girls waiting for their turn got anxious and asked Gutku, “Bhaiya aap theek to ho na”, after which Gutku had to be rushed to the nearest hospital due to very high blood pressure.

“Saab what to say. Every girl calls me bhaiya after every golgappa! Bhaiya teekha zyada, bhaiya meetha zyada, bhaiya ye, bhaiya wo. There has to be a limit. Everyone starts bhaiya bhaiya bhaiya, nahi hain hum kisi ke bhaiya“, said Gutku, his frustration clearly reflecting in his words.

“Why do they want to make me only their bhaiya. So many autodrivers are there, cycle rickshaw walas are there. Police wala bhaiya, ration wala bhaiya, akhbaar wala bhaiya, so many are there, Golgappe wale ko hi Rakhi baandhogi kya sab?” Gutku asked.

Gutku has now decided that he will dress up like a lady while coming to work and hide his identity. Explaining his plan, Gutku said ,”Sir I have bought a couple of mast dresses already for myself. I will dress up as a woman like those guys do on comedy shows on TV and then no girl will call me bhaiya. Hope bani rahegi.”

If this plan doesn’t work, Gutku is planning to cut his profits and start offering 20% discount to girls who avoid the term ‘Bhaiya’.