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GoT Fan says “a boy is not hungry” to his mother at dinner, badly beaten using slippers

04, Jun 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: A 19 year old GoT fanboy by name Triveniprasad who likes to call himself Tyrion these days, was badly beaten by his mother for quoting Game of Thrones phrases around the house at dinner.

Are you Game of Thrones fan? be careful with the phrases
Are you Game of Thrones fan? be careful with the phrases

His mother Sharda devi who is a housewife is quite frustrated owing to his latest GoT craze. She was especially irked yesterday night when he not only refused to eat dinner, but also grandly quoted phrases such as “a boy is not hungry” and “a boy will eat maggi at midnight” at dinner, and hence she gave him the beating of his life.

Mrs. Sharda told our reporter, “Yesterday night I had made a very tasty karela pyaaz ki bhujia with jeera waali moong ki daal. But Triveni was acting up as always. He started saying stupid stuff, so I did the needful. This is what I should have done just after his finished Season 1 of this GoT thing, and I would not have to see this day. Mujhe bilkul pasand nahi ye gande shows. Is this our culture, our heritage?”

Triveniprasad “Tyrion” however is not much moved after this beating. He smiled and said, “One thing which an educational TV series such as Game of Thrones has taught me, is that, if you are wanting to accept beautiful naked women as reality of life, then you should also be ready to accept extreme violence as a reality of life. Hence after watching these 6 seasons, no amount of beating or blood or gore deters me now. Even the filthy and gory Friday the 13th movies look like “Harry met Sally” to me. I am above these now. GoT is my new GoD.”

After this Triveni offered some fresh flowers to photograph of Tyrion, kept in his room, and chanted some mantras. He then started calling up his cousin Jamnaprasad, whom he is now calling Jamie and his friend Jaffar, who is now nicknamed Joffrey. We had to abruptly finish our interview with Triveni and take our leave when he suddenly spotted a lizard on the wall and ran behind it screaming Valer Chhipkalis. While we were walking out of the house Triveni’s mother was seen going towards his room with a broom in her hand.