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SBI employees get 15% hike in 'Lunch Time' after 7th Pay Commission

10, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Central government employees will start getting revised allowances under the 7th pay commission from July on wards. The finance ministry has asked central ministries to ensure revised rates of allowances under the 7th pay commission are paid from the current month – a move that will benefit around 48 lac employees. But the government has made a special provision for SBI employees. SBI employees will get more lunch time instead of pay hike.


SBI employees are very happy with such a gesture from the government and have promised that they will work extra hard and prove their worth. It is a well known fact that SBI employees give more importance to ‘Lunch Time’ than ‘Salary’. In fact there are many employees who attend office daily just because they get lunch time in office which is not possible at home.

Faking News reporter spoke to one such employee named Jagdish Malik and he had this to say,” I cant tell you how happy am feeling today. Lunch time is the best time in this world. We get so many brilliant ideas during lunch time. It is the relaxation we get during the lunch time which helps us in feeling energized throughout the day. People may make fun of us spending too much time in canteen, but they don’t know the importance of lunch time in our office. Lunch time has saved us from aquiring more clients like Vijay Mallya because we don’t entertain many clients during lunch time. If we skip our lunch break and start providing loans to customers, there would be 100s of Mallyas in this country. This decision is government’s way of acknowledging our efforts towards a corruption free nation.”

Customers though have nothing to complain as the hike means nothing to them. They had to wait for employees to finish their lunch before catering to their requests, now they will have to wait more. Nothing changes much.