Government asks engineers to donate blood as it faces shortage of Ethanol for making Bio-Diesel

04, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. Jobs for engineers may not be in demand, but engineers always find a way to be in demand. Sometimes for the weirdest of reasons. Government wants all Engineers to come forward and donate blood as it faces a steep shortage of Ethanol for making Bio-Diesel.


The making of Bio-Diesel is very important for the country as it fights to get its carbon footprint in order.

The announcement came from Nitin Gadkari, the transport minister, yesterday. Gadkari said that this is a big opportunity for the engineers to do something for the country. Many engineers are jobless in the country and they spend time having parties with friends and discussing various national topics.

What if the alcohol they consume be used for national interest. Shwetank Banejee, the head of All India Engineers Party association has welcomed the decision and has promised the government that they will help fill all the ethanol needs of this country. He has already ordered all students to party more and not prevent themselves from consuming alcohol.

Engineers across the country were seen celebrating the smallest of achievement after this decision and the party index of the country is on an all-time high.