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Government asks people to turn gay to resolve sex ratio problems

23, Mar 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Missing Girls
The controversial advertisement appeared in many newspapers this Sunday

New Delhi. It’s not yet clear if the government indeed wants Indian men to turn gay or it is another gaffe by a government ad-agency, but the latest advertisement released by the Ministry of Women and Child Development seems to urge Indian men to turn towards homosexuality to resolve the problems arising out of low sex ratio in the country. The advertisement shows a still from the Bollywood movie Dostana with a message seemingly advocating homosexuality.

“Missing Girls – you can’t find them up there, solution lies down here.” says the message showing Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham holding each other’s hands rather romantically.

Missing Girls is a common phrase used to denote low sex-ratio, often as a result of female foeticide. Therefore the advertisement is being interpreted as urging the Indian men to find a male partner as there were not enough girls in the country for each one of them.

“The message is loud and clear, and a sensible one.” said Maanav Mehta, a gay-rights activist.

But the ad has not gone down well with many people who feel that the government has gone nuts.

“Amazing! First they asked us to eat yellow peas daal because normal daal was too costly, then they asked us to consume less sugar as there was sugar crisis in the country, and now they have come up with this suggestion. I think very soon they would ask us to stop breathing as there was air pollution. Crap!” said Rajiv, who believed that if Rahul Mahajan could get a girl to marry, anyone could.

Apart from people like Rajiv, who refuse to believe that the falling sex-ratio is any real threat, various religious people too have expressed outrage over the advertisement, demanding an explanation and apology from the government.

Government officials have yet not responded to these demands despite numerous attempts to contact them by Faking News and other media organizations. Experts believe that the ad has put the government in a quandary.

“If they withdraw the ad, it could appear as government’s disapproval for homosexuality, triggering protests by the gay-rights activists. If they justify the ad, they risk antagonizing the conservatives. Maybe they should simply blacklist the ad-agency without issuing out any explanation.” said Sushanto Mitra, a public affairs consultant.

While the government is tight lipped over the issue, Bollywood has already started celebrating the ad, citing it as an example of socially responsible face of the industry.

“Kudos to John and Abhi. They should get Padma Shri next year. Love you guys.” tweeted Priyanka Chopra.