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Government asks Supreme Court to “chill” over black money

27, Jan 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Central government is reported to have asked the Supreme Court to “chill” and not “take load” over the issue of black money in Swiss banks, as the matter is not as important as it is made out to be.

“Chill yaar,” the government advocate is reported to have said the SC bench when it asked if the government acted against any of those whose names they have.

“Don’t act like Baba Ramdev,” the advocate is further believed to have advised the apex court when it expressed concern over billions of dollars lying abroad and termed it as “plunder of nation”.

Supreme Court of India
Some people believe that Supreme Court will ultimately “give up” after persistent trying and “normalcy” will return to the nation over the issue of black money in Swiss banks

Chalta hai na baba,” the government advocate rested his argument.

But the court was not amused with these arguments and issued notices to the Home Ministry, RBI, CVC, CBDT and the ED seeking explanation and asked the government to file an additional affidavit.

“Absolutely my lord!” the government advocate was heard exclaiming with glee as soon as the court decided to issue the notices.

In fact, he is reported to have “gently” reminded the court, “And what about Finance Ministry, External Ministry, CBI, BSE, I-T dept, and even WikiLeaks sir? I guess all of them should be issued notices and summons.”

Sources inform that with more and more parties being added to the course, the government is hopeful of the case dragging forever.

Earlier Finance Minister Pranb Mukherjee had claimed that the government couldn’t reveal the names of those who were having accounts in Swiss banks as it was duty of WikiLeaks bound by an international treaty with Switzerland.

However, somehow, the name of a Pune businessman Hasan Ali having 6 billion dollars in Swiss bank became public a couple of days back. Ali was allegedly involved in terrorist activities as well, and is reported to have fled the country.

Taking cognizance of the development, the court wondered if the source of black money involved illegal activities like arms deals, drug trafficking and smuggling, to which the government is reported to have responded, “Oh, come on!”

The court was adjourned and the government has got a week’s time to respond.