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Government assures public that Qutab Minar has not been stolen, it is just not visible in Delhi air

30, Oct 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A rumour started circulating late last evening that the iconic Qutab Minar has been stolen after nobody was able to see the monument but now government of India has assured Delhi residents that the monument is exactly where it was. Government has stated that this is just a side effect of the black air currently prevalent in Delhi which has affected the visibility.

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What started as a WhatsApp rumour quickly spread all across the national capital with people heading to Mehrauli to see for themselves whether the monument is still there or not. With nobody able to see Qutab Minar, the panic quickly spread among the population. Some good Samaritans headed to the Police Stations to register complaints of theft and robbery and then the matter came to the notice of the government.

Speaking to the press, a Culture ministry spokesperson said, “About 5 PM yesterday, our phones started buzzing non-stop with people reporting that Qutab Minar has disappeared. We initially thought that the bored government officials in other ministries are playing some prank but when Police officers started calling us, that was when we knew there is a problem.”

“We immediately sent a team to Mehrauli to check the facts but they couldn’t reach the spot due to the traffic jams there. From a distance, they couldn’t see anything in the sky so they also initially assumed that we have lost Qutab. After that, we sent a drone thermal camera to capture the photo of the place and that revealed Qutab Minar is still at the same spot. It is this Delhi air that is affecting everyone’s vision making it difficult to see things”, he added.

Meanwhile, government has advised the residents to go for a vacation to places with clearer air, like coal mines and thermal power stations till the air doesn’t clear itself out after the next rain.