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UP government cancels 15 public holidays, silence across offices as the only time employees spoke was while planning their holiday trips

27, Apr 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The Uttar Pradesh government on Tuesday cancelled 15 public holidays marking the birth or death anniversaries of eminent personalities. This comes as a major relief for the citizens whose work related to government offices always got stuck during public holidays. But government employees are in a big soup as now they have no topics to discuss inside their office premises.

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The UP government employees have been killing time in office discussing holiday plans and taking holiday tips from fellow employees. It has been noticed that there is a sense of happiness among the employees while they speak about their holiday plans with their colleagues. But not anymore, as with the cancellation of 15 holidays a major discussion topic has been removed from their list.

Our Faking News reporter spoke to  Sanil Jain who is a government employee in UP and he had this to say, “On an average I used to spend 3-4 hours in a day discussing my holiday plans and talking about my previous holiday trips. We used to exchange ideas, plan holidays, and sometimes even go on holidays together. If the government cancels the holidays its fine, but at least give us some topics to discuss. They should take suggestions from us. We can come up with ideas of discussions. Even our canteen owner is sad by the decision as all discussion used to happen over a cup of tea. See, this decision is impacting everyone.”

Its difficult to imagine how the employees will cope up with the decision. Some employees were seen buying playing cards, board games and other time-killing material from the market. Employees have also started reading more newspapers to have discussion points in their office. Coaching class teaching group discussions and debates have contacted the employees in giving a crash course on the art of discussion.

Well, only time will tell whether the employees will come out of this difficult situation or not.