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Government cancels Aadhar card of a Delhi boy after he doesn't travel to Goa in 2 years

24, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

GoI has been very proactive in encouraging people to get an Aadhar card. But on May 28 they cancelled a Delhi boy’s Aadhar card when he failed to visit Goa in 2 years. 

Ashwani Kumar of South Delhi got a call from a Aadhar office asking him to come immediately with his Aadhar card where it was cancelled on the spot. 

Shocked and in despair, Ashwani asked the reason for doing this. To which the officer replied, “You cannot be a Delhiite if you didn’t go to Goa in 2 years,” and snatched the card away from him. 

Faking News spoke to the officer in charge Ramesh Bainsla and he said, “Ashwani’s Aadhar was cancelled due to security reasons, as we had doubts that he wasn’t a Delhiite and did forgery to make that Aadhar. Otherwise tell me which Delhiite doesn’t visit Goa for 2 consecutive years? Goa to Delhiites is like Foreign countries to PM, have to visit frequently.” 

As of now, Ashwani has given an apology letter to the Aadhar office and has assured them to visit Goa twice every year, will use slangs while talking and will even eat Satyaniketen’s momos to look like a complete Delhiite. 

But will this be enough for him to get back his Aadhar card? We will see right here on Faking News.