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Government creates Facebook event to debate corruption

11, Jun 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After engaging with team Anna and Baba Ramdev, government has decided to engage with the last front fighting corruption – thousands of youngsters on Facebook with “India against Corruption” badges on their profile pictures. Government has created a Facebook event titled “Let’s poke corruption out of India” and invited all the anti-corruption protestors on Facebook to attend this “public event” and come up with their suggestions.

“We are serious about tackling corruption and we want to involve as many people as possible,” Kapil Sibal, union cabinet minister for tackling protestors corruption said, “At least four cabinet ministers will take part in the discussions on the Event’s wall and we hope to find a solution by the end of this month when the event concludes.”

Within hours of the event page going public, it was filled with various wall posts and messages calling for an end to corruption in public life. There were 73,880 Facebook users who had confirmed themselves as Attending the event, 154 Maybe Attending, 23,345,882 Awaiting Reply and 4 users has indicated that they were Not Attending the event till repots last came in.

Those not attending the event were – Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, and Digvijay Singh – however Facebook profiles of these users couldn’t be verified independently by Faking News.

“I feel this is a trap!” claimed Rajesh Kumar, an anti-corruption crusader on Facebook, who had clicked “Maybe Attending” option for the event, “We have seen how the government first engages with people then either maligns them, harasses them or attacks them. I’m not sure if this is going to be any different.”

Rajesh cautions that either the government would unleash paid spammers and trolls on the event page wall and make a mockery of the debate or ask their system guys to “report abuse” and block all the anti-corruption Facebook crusaders.

“That has been their attitude towards anti-corruption campaigns till now,” Rajesh sounded cynical, “And why did they not do anything for the Twitter or Orkut guys? Clearly it’s an attempt to divide and rule! We are the last men standing against corruption and they want to fix us.”

Rajesh pointed to some of the recent posts on the Event’s wall to prove his point:

Facebook Event
Anti-corruption “event” by the Government of India

update (15 June 2011): seems like the government is warming up to the idea of doing something similar