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Government declares Arnab Goswami's studio a district after seeing more than 10 panelists at once

31, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

India currently has 707 districts but this number seems to be increasing in upcoming days. Recently, government has announced one more district within Mumbai. The decision was taken after seeing more than ten panelists coming at once in Arnab Goswami’s debate show.

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Arnab Goswami, managing director of Republiv TV, has anchored one of the most watched debate shows, News Hour. He holds the world record of debating with maximum number of people at once. Arnab Goswami once called 47 people as panelists on his show and 11 of them couldn’t even get a chance to speak a word.

On Thursday, Arnab Goswami received a communication from central government for submitting data regarding number of panelists, after which Arnab Goswami was told that soon his studio will become a new district and pincode for the same will be generated.

Faking News reporter spoke to Arnab Goswami, apparently Arnab Goswami has called a debate on this news as well. Arnab Goswami said “I am glad to know that government is taking the show and the channel further. My aim is to make my news debate show more popular and stronger than Supreme Court of India. Soon we will see instant verdicts on many important cases.”

Making more districts will certainly improve the condition, but the question whether this district will also have a district court when the highest judicial forum, the Arnab Goswami and his debate show themselves are already there? Government need to rethink before granting the debate show district status. Keep reading Faking News for further updates. to be defended?