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Government employee found working during lunch time, gets fired for violating protocol

01, Dec 2017 By itsmihir1993

Vivek Mishra (28), an employee at the Public Works Department in Lucknow, was recently ousted from the job after he was found working during the lunch break. His colleagues, having spotted him work during the lunch break, brought the issue to the notice of higher authorities. Pandya was immediately expelled for violating the protocol by working religiously to finish his pending work.

It is discovered that Mishra had taken a leave in the previous week, due to which he was overburdened by work. His colleagues, on the other hand, had also taken leaves in the previous week but they knew that they work in a government department. “I was finishing my pending work when my colleagues walked in and spotted me work, and that was it,” said a weeping Mishra.

Mishra believed that his colleagues would not enter the working area in the lunch break as they usually walk in only in the evening to collect their bags and leave for home. “We caught him red-handed! To my good fortune, I visited the desk to get my bag as I had decided to leave for home after lunch. Had I not spotted him work, he would have finished it in time and brought shame to the entire department,” said the employee who first saw Mishra do the unacceptable.

The decision to expel Mishra is believed to be a forced one as all the employees in the department put immense pressure to get rid of the odd one.

We tried getting the views of the Head of the Department in the evening, but he had not returned from the lunch break. When he returned to the office the next month, he explained us the expulsion of Mishra. “He was expelled not because he was working during the lunch time. We had to remove him because he was working in the first place. We also saw him address customer queries during the lunch break so that they do not have to come again the next day to get the work done. If you cannot make the customer wait for at least an hour after the lunch break, you are clearly violating the rules,” said the furious Head, who complained of a headache and left for home after speaking to us.