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UP Government employees request 'Work from home' facility after Yogi Adityanath banned Pan Masala-Gutka in offices

22, Mar 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Lucknow: Newly elected Yogi Adityanath government in UP has decided to ban sales and consumption of pan masala and gutka in government offices across the state. After this decision, thousands of panic stricken government employees have requested the government to start considering ‘work from home’ facility for government employees as well.

Pan Masala-Gutka sellers recruiting models to keep the demand high

Chewing pan masala has long been considered a signature of UP and staying away from it for an extended period of time may not be possible for most of these poor souls. Since most of them are yet to repay the personal loans they took to get this government job, leaving the job for a more pan masala friendly place may not be possible either. In these circumstances, facility to work from home may well be their only savior.

A very worried Pandey Ji spoke to our reporter and voiced his concern. He said ,”This step has been taken in haste by our new CM without looking at all the consequences of this step. Without pan masala, I am simply unable to concentrate in office. Without concentration, how will I be able to do any work? This is not just my story, this is the same story across all departments.”

As Pandey ji took a pause to spit the pan masala in his mouth, we asked another one of his colleague about the new demand. He said ,”Yes we have asked for work from home facility because it suits both parties. CM Sir will not see any pan masala, gutka, or even employee in the offices while we can carry on our work at our homes with pan masala and gutka in our mouths.”

When we asked if the digital infrastructure is strong enough in the state to make working from home possible, he snapped and said ,”Ka digital-vigital beOffice me baith kar jo akhbaar ke saath chai peete the wo ab ghar baith kar karenge. Ho gaya work from home.”