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Government hires P.C. Sriram and Santhosh Sivan as consultants for Aadhaar photography

18, Jun 2017 By RT

New Delhi. The central government has hired P.C. Sriram and Santhosh Sivan as consultants for Aadhaar photography. The two living legends of Indian cinematography are to join UIDAI effetive immediately, a press release from UIDAI has read.


“The reason people are reluctant to take Aadhaar card is due to the bad image, literally, an Aadhaar card photo creates on an individual. If we promise them that the photo is going to look good, most of them would volunteer to enroll for Aadhaar, which is still voluntary as per the latest judgement from the top court. Our renowned consultants will help in creating a better image for Aadhaar if not a better Aadhaar card photo”, the UIDAI official told Faking News.

“In recent past, an Aadhaar photo of Prabhas, the Baahubali hero, has made rounds in the Internet and he wasn’t looking anything closer to Amarendra or Mahendra. In fact, he was looking like one of those Kalakeyas from part 1. Several photos from Aadhaar cards of celebrities were posted earlier, for a hearty laugh from anyone who has already taken an Aadhaar card. We want to change this trend in India!”, the official further added.

“We have received complaints that many children have lost school admissions due to the Aadhaar card photos; business men lost business deals due to the Aadhaar ID photos; Aspiring entrepreneurs were denied bank loans and more aspiring youngsters were denied relationships. A not so bright girl posted her Aadhaar photo, which looks like a few white dots in an otherwise black background and is yet to get married. In fact, one of UIDAI official is going to marry her. To avoid all these losses, PCS and SS will enrich the skills of our photographers”, the official who just got back from his engagement wrapped up with Faking News.

When P.C. Sriram and Santhosh Sivan have sent their ID cards for joining formalities, both of them looked similar in Aadhaar photos and UIDAI has in fact tagged the wrong ID against each other, it is learnt by Faking News.