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Government to introduce 10 metre wide big sized Rs. 2000 coins to make it tough for black money holders to store currency

19, Sep 2017 By RT

New Delhi. The central government will introduce big sized rs. 2000 coins to make it tough for black money holders to store currency, an announcement from the Finance ministry read. This breaking news comes under the severe criticism that Rs.2000 currency was introduced to take care of the storage problem of black money holders.

Ever since the thinner and smaller Rs.2000 was introduced, the secret black money holders community cheered and welcomed the new currency notes with wide open arms and wider open brief cases. Their storage problems have been halved by the slightly ugly looking pink slips. Some of them even wrote ‘Thank You’ mails to the RBI and finance ministry praising the good customer service, for acknowledging the needs of a customer and solving their pain areas.

To erase the bad name from the Rs.2000 fiasco, a committee was formed to design and introduce Rs.2000 coins. The thickness of the coin was easily decided by the coin committee, but to decide the diameter, the team took about 10 days to finalize and eventually arrived at 10 meters. The number is carefully chosen, taking into consideration the heights of largest of trucks available in India. To put the size of the coin in perspective, a man holding a new Rs.2000 coin can fall flat and roll over on it about 20 times. It would take a JCB to lift it, announced the finance ministry.

The next problem the committee had to address was the value of such a large piece of metal. That is where the genius of Indian engineering helped a little. The coin will totally be made of scrapes thrown in the sides of the roads and in the two sides of railway tracks. The total value, if cut and sold piece by piece, will only be less than Rs.200. Of course it is illegal to destroy national currency, but which black money holder worries about the law, reasoned the ministry top officials.

After the coins are literally rolled out, the existing rs.2000 currency notes will be demonetised with a midnight announcement, it is learnt by Faking News.