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Government to mandate linking Aadhar Card with your New Year resolution to ease its tracking

29, Dec 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Thinking of a New Year resolution? Think wisely because someone is going to track it and if you fail, you may end up paying some additional cess. Yes, you heard it right. Government of India has decided to take your New Year resolution under Aadhar’s umbrella.

Ministry of Finance on Thursday announced that after linking PAN, Driving license, Phone number and various social media accounts to Aadhar, it is going to mandate Aadhar linkage with your New Year resolution and failing to do same by 31st Dec midnight will be liable to additional cess. An ordinance in this regard is being drafted and formal bill would be introduced in an emergency session of the Parliament.

Faking News reporter spoke to Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad. Ravi Shankar told Faking News that New Year resolution is to make sure that people follow their new resolution religiously. We have observed that people make good New Year resolutions such as joining gym, reading newspaper daily etc but they fail to follow it within the first week of the New Year. We are also introducing additional cess of 2% to be levied on purchases made by defaulters.

Ritesh Abraham, Gold gym Juhu manager has a different view point and has criticized government for its decision. Ritesh said “Look we do planning with an assumption that more than 90% of people who have joined on 1st of Jan will not continue after a week. My gym has capacity of 50 people but we get registration of around 500 people because we know only around 10% will continue. Government has disturbed all our planning.”

If it’s a good decision or not that’s debatable but one thing is sure that we Indians need someone to keep an eye on us so that we perform better.