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Government to shut down Mumbai Monorail permanently, will provide individual car and driver to the 2 people who use it

07, Dec 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Government of Maharashtra has decided to shut down Mumbai Monorail permanently. Monorail services in Mumbai started in 2014 and it connected Chembur to distant Wadala. It has been closed for the past month since a fire broke out in early November and now Government has decided that instead of carrying out repair works, they will close down the Monorail. Two guys who regularly used Monorail to commute will be provided individual cars and drivers by the government so that they don’t miss Monorail.

Mumbai Monorail
Empty, as usual

Speaking to Faking News, an MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority) official said ,”We are just trying to save tax payers’ money here. The cost of running Monorail is too high and since only 2 people use it, we can just provide them cars and it would be so much cheaper.”

“The infrastructure in place can be put to some other use, the pillars are already a prime location for advertisements, the stations can be used to provide shelter to the homeless, we will have to sell the track in scrap market though”, he further added.

The decision has been welcomed by the 2 regular users and they can’t wait to get their new cars. “Ever since services stopped after the fire, I have been walking from home to my office in Wadala, now with the car and driver, I will finally be able to cover the 5 minutes distance comfortably”, said Alok, one of the commuters.

Meanwhile, a survey showed that 90% of Mumbaikars had forgotten that a Monorail also runs in the city.