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Government to build wider roads so that people don’t listen to jokes by RJs

14, Aug 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. After Jaya Bachchan raised the issue of “dirty jokes” on senior politicians by RJs (Radio Jockeys), the government has decided to build wider roads to stop such jokes.

“Well, people listen to these FM radios only when they are driving. If we shorten their driving time, we can make sure that nobody is listening to these RJs, who will eventually shut up,” Information & Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar explained.

Mr. Javadekar has asked Nitin Gadkari, Union Transport Minister and also a target of samosa jokes by RJs, to widen all roads in the country so that there are no traffic jams, and thus people get to spend very less time listening to radios.

Jaya Bachchan
Jaya Bachchan after listening to a joke by an RJ

Earlier Javadekar was thinking of putting a few RJs in jail, but the idea was dropped as courts could have put a few BJP leaders inside jail too for ‘abki baar’ and ‘achchhe din’ jokes.

The idea to increase petrol prices was also considered to reduce driving time of people, but it was dropped due to obvious reasons.

However, the proposal to widen the roads has not gone well with Jaya Bachchan, who brought this serious issue facing the country in the notice of the parliament.

“I am not against wide roads. After all if we have wider roads, we can have more Dhoom shootings done inside India and my son Abhi will get some employment,” Jaya clarified, “But we need a quick solution.”

Still angry over some joke she had heard, Jaya Bachchan further said that government should also look into the possibility of FM radio stations digging up potholes on Mumbai roads to boost their business by prolonging traffic jams.

“RJs should be ordered to fill up the potholes with their garbage,” she demanded, “Or we should ban radio stations altogether. But we have to do something!”

Sources say that alternative solutions to quickly stop jokes by RJ include passing a law that makes it mandatory for the RJs to crack a few Sajid Khan and Shirish Kunder jokes every time they start speaking.

“This will make sure that people will turn down the volume or switch the channel, and no one will be listening to them,” a source revealed to Faking News.