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Government to establish National Scam Museum

25, Feb 2013 By notthatmp

New Delhi. Government of India has decided to establish a “National Scam Museum” in the national capital in order to showcase the superlative achievements of successive governments since Independence.

Announcing this, the Minister of Urban Poverty Alleviation, Shri Ajay Maken said, “During the last decade or so, India has been the cynosure of politicians’ and middlemen’s eyes the world over. We have left even the developed countries far behind in looting the taxpayers’ money and scammed everything that lies below, on, and above Mother Earth. High time we make a monument for this monumental achievement.”

National Museum, New Delhi
A regular museum, which could be converted into a scam museum as scams have become regular.

The proposed monument i.e. the National Scam Museum will be designed like a War Museum, showcasing the artifice, technology, and the modus operandi of the great scamsters of the last 65 years.

It will be a three storied building – a basement, a ground floor, and a tenth floor in the sky. First to ninth floors would be built just on paper, just as it happens during many scams.

Each of these three levels will house exhibits and audio-visual information kiosks on scams relating to the realm in which these have occurred, e.g. the “Chopper Scam” and “Spectrum Scam” will be showcased on the ‘In the Air’ level (tenth floor), “CoalGate” and “Scorpene Deal” on the “Below the Ground” level (basement), and the ground floor will see relics from “CWG Scam” and various land scams.

The architects have been asked to avoid any resemblance to the Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhawan, and the North and South Blocks of the secretariat as the government itself is not recognized as any scam.

Face to face interactions with scamsters, who are still alive, like Kalmadi, Telgi, Raja, Ketan Parekh, Hasan Ali, etc. will be organized on ‘Scam Sundays’. School and college children will be encouraged to interact with these achievers and feel motivated to think beyond even IIPM.

A unique feature of the museum will be a giant LED display on top of the building that will show a running count up of the amount of money embezzled by the corrupt, correct to a second.

“Hope the aam aadmi will start taking scams as a matter of fact and part of our culture, if this is not the case already,” a government official hoped.