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Government totally enjoying stuff going around in name of anti-corruption crusade

03, Jun 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After weeks of denial, sources in the central government have finally conceded that the center was enjoying every bit of action that was happening in the capital and in the country in the name of fighting corruption. In fact, the government was looking forward to more such anti-corruption crusades in future, sources say.

“Honestly, thodi phati thi shuru mein (we were a bit scared in the beginning),” a source at North Block said referring to the initial days of Anna Hazare movement, “We thought Indians were quite happy with the World Cup victory and would forget and forgive the regime for the scams, but somehow this Anna movement hogged all the limelight.”

Candle light march against corruption
Government had initially thought of buying fire extinguishers but later settled for scented candles

Sources disclosed that the government was initially worried if the anti-corruption movement could see crowds of similar magnitude in streets as was witnessed on the night of 2nd April after India won the cricket world cup after 28 years.

“Crowds did gather, but we realized that all that those guys were demanding was a committee to draft a new bill,” said the source, almost laughing and spilling his black coffee, “Can you believe it? A ‘committee’ at the end of what some termed as India’s Tahrir Square moment at Jantar Mantar!”

“It was almost like your wife asking you to get a red rose when you were mentally prepared to buy her a solitaire diamond!” the source added.

The source, happy and willing to work even on weekends to deal with such “challenges”, disclosed that the government had always welcomed formation of committees and commissions on as many issues as possible and was willing to work out a similar deal with Baba Ramdev.

“In fact, nothing could be better than formation of more than one committee on the same issue,” he disclosed.

“Not only Baba, we are ready to talk with anyone and everyone whose political ambitions are either absent or confused,” the source further disclosed the government’s approach towards fighting corruption and other critical issues facing the nation.

A quick survey done by Faking News indicated that many in India thought that “something” was being done to tackle corruption.